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Is it deer movement, or hunter movement? Or freak coincidence?


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I noticed a very odd thing on Thanksgiving day. There was lot's of shooting that day, lots of people off work and in the woods, no doubt. More shots than opening Saturday or Sunday by far.  But the strange thing was the timing. 

Thursday morning I heard one shot right at first legal shooting "light". Then another from another location maybe 5 minutes later. Then it was quiet. No more shooting till 7:30, and then a flurry of gunshots.  I counted 7 shots, all from different locations in about 3 minutes.  (10 shots in all, but 3 of them were clearly second shots) And then it was quiet again.  These were all relatively local shots, not way off off in the distance. I could pretty much guess where most of them came from.

I thought it so strange that 7 different people would all see deer and have a shot at basically the same time. 

And then it was quiet, until 11:30,  at which point, right on the dot, 6 unique locations, 11 shots in total,  again in under 3 minutes.  

Very odd. 


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6 hours ago, cervidchasers said:

Running deer can cross property lines very quickly

That is so true. I spooked a couple of young ones on opening day and they took off. a minute later I heard a shot from direction they ran off to,and about another 5 minutes later one of the two came back. 

The timing of the shots the op mentioned sound like deer movement being a big part too though. Feeding time!

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IMO if it is from various locations not from a drive, it’s likely people walking in and out. A lot of people don’t go in pre dark and instead still hunt to their spot or sleep in and then go. Wed night before Thanksgiving is also a popular night out with family coming into town. I’d say it’s people going in and out stirring up the deer.

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Not only late comers but also people that leave the woods earlier than normal as well on thanksgiving to get to whatever family event they need to get to. Thanksgiving can defiantly be a weird day to hunt. I try to get in while it's dark and stay until the late afternoon to take advantage of people moving in and out so much. 

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