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plymouth /norwich ny anyone looking to trap beavers.


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I know not many trappers around anymore but if someone in the Norwich  / Town of plymouth area is looking for areas to trap beavers ,  shoot me a PM easy access from main road so not a lot of walking  and from the trees cut and sign there is more then a few plus neighboring land owner would allow trapping to thats also close to main road 

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1 hour ago, NYRuthunter said:

Trappers are like plumbers ,electricians ,ect.Their service shouldn’t be free.

I trapped for many years never got paid other then what I sold yes prices were better just dont have the free time to enjoy now,,, Yes some guys do it as a profession and if I was looking for a professional I would expect to pay a fee, but there are still guys that do it for enjoyment an a hobby all I was offering was a place that you can get in and out easy close to road if any one is intrested

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