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The Ark Swap - my first fly swap on this site


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By perseverance the snail reached the ark. - Charles Spurgeon

This is my first swap offering on this site.  I've hosted fly swaps for 14 years now on other sites.

This swap theme  is for flies tied with 2 or less materials in their construction - with the hook and thread as free starting materials - AKA 2X2's.  These are my personal favorite type of flies to tie - you can tie a box full in a short time and I love that you can tie a pattern that catches fish with a limited amount of materials.  Plus, for beginner tyers, you don't need an entire stock of tying materials to tie a bunch of patterns.

The rules of this swap are that you need to tie a fly using  2 materials or less.  As far as the 2 minute time limit - I use a calendar as my timing mechanism!  Besides I will NOT be standing behind you with a stop watch!;)  This swap is open to all level/experience tyers from the greenest tyer to an old fart like me!  This swap will be run if there is a minimum of 6 registrants and no more than 12 registrants and registration will close on Monday, January 15th and flies will be due to me by no later than Wednesday, February 14th.

If you are new to fly swaps and/or new to tying please let me know and I'll be happy to provide extra assistance.  Also, if anyone has any questions or concerns, please don't be afraid to ask - the only dumb question is the unasked one!  Besides, I'm just FULL of dumb answers!  Also. all swap members will receive a fly tying gift or two from me for participating.

Please include the 5 basic items needed for a swap - your flies, each with it's own toe tag, all in a swap box, with an SASE, all included in your sending envelope.  If any of these sound unfamiliar feel free to check out my previous post on "Any Interest in a Fly Swap".

Lastly, HAVE FUN!  That's why we started tying in the first place!

To register for this swap just respond below and I look forward to seeing your ties!  Please include the name of your chosen pattern - we don't want to see a whole bunch of Mop Fly patterns!!


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Here are a few 2X2 patterns to get your minds racing!

Flicted Damsel Nymph

image.png.5c669b7c2c0c1bb09cf9d435c6382d12.pngMid Depth Pupa

image.png.fa4eff57f7dc0fea98783e2d3b6f3f18.pngBluet Damsel

image.png.06c6419a2bf508a7f11e5cb4768bb381.pngMay Haystack

image.png.fd3c1d0ed8b26337420dd79ae5ecc2a4.pngAmerican Woolly

image.png.8f0ed2b678f6bbd4e7bde8c982ae49e7.pngBlack Fur Ant

image.png.fa16f6f259ad4f2e848ec590aac3ccdb.pngMysis Shrimp

image.png.20947fafa10b74b4cc3cf29802730a31.pngHorner's Deer Hair

image.png.e023a651ca3516f3d9a75762a7f328ab.pngPartridge & Yellow

image.png.c49a6f11a74bdc89384485cfb687689e.pngReversed Spider

image.png.6501fd73e4df3ec7e4503a4e05664a42.pngPull Back Nymph

image.png.d95671693bbc66397d6c501be52fb620.pngTeeny Nymph

image.png.643389a6c5c9982391b25cd9d4156f5d.pngHope that got the juices running!





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Two weeks left to register for this swap.  This is my 5th swap I am hosting to bring in the new year.  Three have a flies-in-by date of the 10th and I have over half the flies in from each and they all look mighty fine!  Another is closing registration by this Friday so I don't have their flies as of  yet.  And there is this site.  I know that it's getting its "sea legs" under it as it is new and growing and I hope to be an active member of its growth.  If you need information on what a fly swap is because it's new to you, please respond here and I'll be happy to provide you with information on what a swap is and entails.  I've hosted these things for 14 years on multiple sites and the ONE thing that I go for is that a swap is FUN!

Whether you join in or not I do wish you and your loved ones a happy, safe and prosperous new year!


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