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It’s a Shooter…


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Last week I picked up a nice T/C Hawken with a .54 Green Mountain barrel on it, as well as a Lyman peep. This is one I decided I would keep since I’m really enjoying the .54 caliber.

I had a vacation day I needed to burn, so this morning I dropped the girls at school and daycare and headed to the range with it.

Our range maxes out at around 60 yards, so I thought I’d just set up at max distance and see where it was at. 60gr of 3F BP and a .530 patched roundball.  Funny enough the first shot was almost dead center (top left target). Then, it settled in low and right. I adjusted the sights and pulled it high and left (top right). The next 2 targets show that this thing is a shooter! The bottom right target was my 3rd set, and after my last shots sitting on top of each other (bottom left) I left the range well pleased.

I’m going to take this with me next weekend to the Vermont Primitive Biathlon, and I hope it shoots as well then as it did today.


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1 minute ago, Splitear said:

I re-read it and saw that I had some confused typing there. I’ll blame it on black powder inhalation:)

I noticed you edited, so I changed my post.. 

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2 hours ago, Rusty said:

The Biathlon sounds like a cool event, good luck and remember to take some pictures for us!  

It’s a ton of fun. I don’t do the snowshoeing, just a woods walk. A lot of really great folks. Some take it very seriously, dress in 18th century and such, but most are just there in regular clothes. 
If anyone wants to meet up, let me know. I’ll probably go next Sunday. It’s in Arlington, VT, just south of Manchester. 

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