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LA | Firearm Preemption and Other Gun Bills in Senate Judiciary C Committee

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Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 26th at 10:30 am, the Senate Judiciary C Committee will vote on several gun bills, including two anti-gun measures deferred from last week’s hearing.

Please TAKE ACTION and contact the members of the Senate Judiciary C Committee as soon as possible regarding the following gun bills.

Pro-Gun Bills:

Senate Bill 194 by Senator Blake Miguez strengthens Louisiana’s firearm preemption law by further restricting the authority of local governments to regulate firearms to include their “manufacture, …carrying, …storage, …[and] taxation;” adding “firearm accessories, knives, edged weapons, or any combination thereof” to the preemption statute; declaring preempted ordinances enacted by local governments before July 15, 1985, “to be null and void, and of no effect;” and creating a cause of action allowing individuals and organizations to file a lawsuit against any local government that violates the preemption statute.

Anti-Gun Bills:

Senate Bill 203 by Senator Royce Duplessis creates the office of gun violence prevention under the supervision and control of the superintendent of the Louisiana state police. The stated function of the office is to perform gun violence prevention research and make policy recommendations to reduce gun violence in the state. Though the office is supposed to be non-partisan, this bill is authored and supported by gun control legislators and groups such as Mon Demands Action and will be nothing more than a taxpayer-funded mechanism for the creation and enforcement of rights-infringing legislation in Louisiana.

Senate Bill 256 by Senator Gary Carter is the Senator’s latest attempt to pass a gun confiscation “Red Flag Law” in Louisiana.  As with previous versions this bill would allow the government to strip away an individual’s right to keep and bear arms without being charged with, let alone convicted of a crime.

Again, please TAKE ACTION and urge the committee members to SUPPORT your constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms!

In Liberty,

Joshua S. Barnhill
Louisiana Director
Gun Owners of America

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