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GOA Activists win TWO Huge Victories

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GOA Has Backed Biden into a Corner

You did it.

Gun Owners of America just made Joe Biden and the anti-gunners MAD.

First, GOA members like you were able to ELIMINATE the Veterans Gun Ban by defunding it completely in the new government spending bill.

Then, we were able to slash the ATF’s funding with a historic spending cut.

But now an enraged Biden and his leftist cronies are already striking back – proposing to strip those two big wins in next year’s government spending bill.

That’s why we are hoping that you can make a contribution to GOA’s 2A Defense Fund to help GOA fight back in these next few days.

We hope you won’t let Biden undo these two MAJOR pro-gun victories.

Two GOA victories are a huge setback for Biden

With the first victory, GOA helped stop the longtime gun ban that had disarmed more than 250,000 military veterans in the last three decades.


GOA spokesmen appeared on several news outlets to rally support for veterans’ 2A rights and for cutting ATF funding.

Newsweek reported on our decades-long fight against this ban, stating that, “Gun Owners of America has long campaigned to overturn the existing legislation, describing the ban as ‘abusive.’”

Thanks to your help in contacting your Representative and Senators, we won!

The VA Secretary Denis McDonough has recently conceded that, as a result of the new law, the Veterans Affairs has “stopped all weekly reporting to NICS” of veterans’ names!

This is a huge GOA victory. And again, it’s thanks to your efforts!

But that’s not all. Our success in slashing $122 million for the ATF budget is the biggest cut in their ENTIRE HISTORY!

You’ll be happy to know that anti-gunners are FURIOUS over what GOA did.

Complaining about a nearly identical proposal, Democrat gun-grabbing Senator Dick Durbin even wailed that this was “a deep cut that would force layoffs of agents and stifle implementation of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act” gun control at ATF.

That’s the idea!

Your gift, in any amount, will help us flood Capitol Hill with phone calls, emails and more direct pressure on wavering lawmakers.

Your gift to GOA’s 2A Defense Fund, if you go here right now, WILL make a difference!

We need you to act immediately!

If we do not hear from you right now, it could be that much harder for us to outwork the arm-twisting from Biden and his leftist comrades. It’ll be much harder to preserve these two important victories.

With those two blows, GOA shook Biden and the anti-gunners to their core.

Fox News noted “GOA lobbied Congress to defund the policy in the near term, and asked supporters to contact their members of Congress to ‘repeal the veteran gun ban.’”

And the Washington Examiner reports GOA “is quickly rising in rank, growing to more than 2 million members and committed to taking down lawmakers who show any sign of compromise on gun control.”

But blunting the Veterans Gun Ban and cutting ATF funding will be lost and taken from you if GOA can’t fight to preserve these victories.

That’s where YOU can make the difference.

Please go here right now to chip in $25 to GOA’s 2A Defense Fund, or whatever you feel you can afford, to help us save these two pro-gun achievements.

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