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Got the kids wheelers.

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I think they are good. I got my 12 y/o son a used artic cat 400, wheeler last year. it needed a little work, but it gave me the opportunity to show him how to work through diagnosing and repairing the issues. he loves it and now both kids can go with me when we head out into the woods without trying to ride 3 deep on mine.

I have some great memories of riding when I was a kid. Your kids will never forget this.

From the NYS DMV

If you are under age 14, you may operate an ATV only:

  • Under adult supervision; or,
  • Without adult supervision on lands owned or leased by your parent or guardian.
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My son is 12 he has the 90, he is good on his. My daughter is 7 and shes got the 50, she thinks the throttle always has to be pinned. They will out grow them but then theres a niece and nephew that will love them ha

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