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Officially North Of 29


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We officially moved into the new place on Tuesday and today we handed over keys to the new owner of the old place. Moving sucks without alcohol. Still have a lot of unpacking and figuring out where to put shit. I think things will be settled enough to be able to chase turkeys a few times next month. We've seen a few up this way now and a bunch of deer.


We had to take some stuff to the dump this morning from the old house, one the way over there were two huge toms hanging around the side of the road. I'd guess both had 10" or so beards. I think they were flipping me off as if to say "Haha! You didn't get us and now you're gone!". 

I don't feed trolls.

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Thank you for the well wishes.


Dax got his first up close and personal rabbit encounter yesterday. Out in the back at the treeline and bugs ran out of some thicker brush and past him at about 15 feet. He just cocks his head at turkeys, but I think he wanted to eat the rabbit.

The Army Navy store up here is small. I'm used to Latham and Rensselaer which are pretty big stores.

Not sure about that free archery range on state land off 50, can't imagine the targets are in too good of shape. But I'm curious so I'll end up checking it out at some point.


First gun parts arrived today- it's not a home until something firearm related is purchased.

I don't feed trolls.

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