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Turning camp into home.


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Sorry for the long post.

It's finally happening! God willing, we are going to be living at camp full-time by the end of summer. This has been a dream of ours for years.

It was built in 1902. My Grandfather bought it, and the adjacent 34 acres in 1967. My wife and I just purchased it from my family last week.

I spent many weekends there as a kid, and still spend as much time there as possible. So many good memories.

We started demo last week. Just the wife and I, along with a friend from work. The contractor starts renovations tomorrow.

He is fixing & parging the foundation, re-doing all of the electrical & plumbing, spray foam insulating the whole house, installing a heat pump, adding a small addition, and installing new vinyl siding. 


We are also punching a well, putting in a new woodstove, and building a small barn.

There's currently no insulation in the house, so it was a b!tch to heat.  The wiring was terrible, mouse chewed and cobbed together. Amazing it didn't burn. The house is rock solid though.

The hardest part so far, was hoeing out almost 60 years of stuff. Camp was a catch all. If someone didn't want it, they brought it to camp.

I know it's a small house, and pretty beat up right now, but we think it'll be an awesome home for us when we're done.

Here are a bunch of pics. Some before, and some as it is now. I'll post more as we go along. 

We're really excited! Busting our asses over there.



















"Who the son sets free, is free indeed"  John 8:36

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Looks like a solid starting point.  I moved to camp  in  2006  but involved removing  old and building all new. 

Best decision i've ever made.  Something changes when you live  on a place that has acreage. You become a care taker  of the land . Working to improve and become self-sustaining  off it. Planting orchards , gardens, building ponds.  Ect..   

Can honestly say it becomes a pleasure to come home from work ..it becomes a driving  goal.. cant wait till retire and put more effort into it. 

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