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Feature Request: Add GOA forum and RSS feed


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On 12/2/2022 at 9:04 AM, DirtTime said:

You should add GOA as they seem to be a little more on the ball to act these days than the other corporations.




GOA is #15 down the list:


Just an update, I've been trying to get GOA to fix their feed CAPTCHA requirement since early December.  They marked my initial ticket as SOLVED without even giving me an update and it not being SOLVED.  I opened a follow-up and am still waiting to hear back.  Hopefully they answer this time and correct it as their feed would be very helpful! :up:

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GOA may own those accounts and be publishing to them on their own.  In my case, I'm trying to use an RSS feed to pull in their news feed since they don't have an account here or interest in posting here.  Social media is the largest audience for sharing and exposure.  Forums and online communities are niches.  I don't think they'll go away, unless the community itself dies and doesn't have an interest any longer.

GOA's RSS does work for humans, but they have a configuration problem with their CDN where it prompts for a CAPTCHA when using a programmatic approach (i.e. there is no human to interact with a CAPTCHA), so I can't do anything to overcome that, they'll need to remove that check for servers or support server whitelisting.

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18 minutes ago, DirtTime said:

I reckon just remove the feed then? No sense to keep fighting with it. Just a thought that since many are as much for GOA as the NRA, in these times maybe more so that it would be good to have the news here.

It's OK, I'm working on it behind the scenes, just wanted you to know I didn't miss the request (although I forgot to mention it in the other topic when you asked).

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