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Had the pleasure of meeting @518BowSlayer today to pick up my mount he did for me. This deer was taken a couple years ago on a piece of stateland I’ve hunted for 20yrs and was the first good buck any of us had ever taken there at the time.  I had him as a European mount.  He was one of 26deer I saw that opening day and the second biggest buck of the day out of 7bucks total. He came in bumping a doe and shot him while he was grunting at her because she wouldn’t stay still. 

well the last couple years my wife kept saying surprised you never got him mounted. So finally had enough of that and reached out to Ryan to see how much a cape would cost and how to much to have him mounted.  Just like everyone I’ve met on the forum he was nice enough to give me a cape he had extra and only charged me what a normal shoulder would cost. 

he came out great and Ryan does great work. He showed me all his mounts in his home including his moose.  I would highly recommend taking him your animals if you’re in his area.  

he looks great with my other two mounts. This one and the big one shot within 75yrds of the same tree. 







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42 minutes ago, 2BuckBizCT said:

that big 8pt is a monster

Yea he is. It will be very hard to ever top that one.  That was 2021 opening day buck.  We have him guessed at 6.5-7.5. Someone a mile away had pictures of him for 3 years prior and the first year he’s all of a 3.5 year old. Someone else had him 2.5 miles away where he summered and had 4years of him and said the first year he looked like a 2.5 or 3.5 then.  I saw all the pictures they had and it’s the same buck. He was actually bigger in 2020

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10 minutes ago, 518BowSlayer said:

Was my pleasure! My door is always open to forum members. Everyone I've met on here has been awesome

Said this last yr, if I catch something worth your skills on this ice fishing trip, you'll be getting a call.  The fish if seen on your walls were fantastic.  If the fish are the same quality as the deer you've done for my nephews and friends, I'm confident I'll be impressed. 

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Great looking bucks on that wall. Swampbucks can verify I was there pictures can not do justice for that buck. Hands on dragging that bad boy out the big one lol. Truly seeing the beauty of a great buck. Wall looks great brother. Look forward to making it down for a get together soon. Plus getting together for a bowhunt and opening day next gun season. 

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