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Rain And More Rain...


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   Down here in Orange County we have been hammered by Rain since mid June. At times some Roads were Flooded out.

  And this morning  as well - nothing but a solid bank of Dark Grey. More Rain on the way...

  And the Skeeters are still active! I seem to be a Magnet with my Type A- Blood. Unlike when,I was a Kid- now the Skeeter bites blow me up even if,I catch them pretty quick. 

   Got to try to get ABBEY  out for a 1 mile walk before another Deluge. 

  How is the Rain looking in your part of the State?

Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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2 hours ago, Larry said:

No all day sits till the last weekend in October unless there is a day when the temps don't get out of the low 50's till then a few hours in the morning and afternoon 

First and last couple hours, until the end of October. Unless we get some actual cool daytime temperatures in the mid to low 50's.

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