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Even though I'm not a big contributor to the web site. Had a rough time since April. I was on vacation and partying with friends. I took some cbd gummies but found out they were synthetic. What happened to me I would never wish anything like that upon my worst enemy. 10 minute in I went into a bad trip shit running through my head missions threats against my family seeing shit that wasn't there hallucinations and paranoia people after me. Couldn't look at a phone computer or TV. Broke my phone. My life was flip from living the American dream to a nightmare. Admitted myself to hospital twice. No more pistol permit or purchasing weapons or ammo. Been living a nightmare for 6 months things have to change. You never know what you can get yourself into . Home grown pot alright synthetic shot is not. Having to see a shrink and put on medication for this shit to help me get back to myself. You never know what is out there. I'll be posting more that I'm back from the northern tier.

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Been in and out of psychosis since April. Couldn't even enjoy my summer or do anything we had planned. Things are turning around. I'm ready to get over this and move on if I can. Somethings felt so real. See is believing and it really messed me up. Time to move on from this nightmare with support 

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