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Same Deer?


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Is this the same deer? @The_Real_TCIII and @Lawdwaz are convinced it is. Here’s the details:

11/20 Monday 945am shot. 4 pics (hair, blood and arrow pass through). 

11/25 yesterday when i finished off my buck he had an open wound across belly. My only reservation to agree same buck is all the same pics without the wound showing this week? Would be awesome if the same. 2 pics of wound. Then pics of deer this week along with pic after shooting him yesterday. 

Whats everyone think?










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2 hours ago, mowin said:

So those pics are after the first shot on 11/20?  Pics are definitely the same deer, but I'm not convincing it's the one you shot on 11/20. 

Not seeing the wound in the pics has me thinking otherwise.  

Correct. 11/20 was first shot. 11/25 was kill. The pics of the buck are in between those dates with no signs of a wound?

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